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3.35 oz 3.35 oz Gasket Making Material

Specially formulated to withstand high vibration and high temperatures up to 700°F.
Permatex OPTIMUM GREY Gasket Maker is a premium choice for high temperature applications and rigid joints that experience high torque loads. Optimal for heavy-duty applications and extreme temperature conditions (-65°F – 700°F), and ideal for newer domestic and import vehicles. OPTIMUM GREY offers maximum vibration resistance and is 15% more flexible and has a 40% higher temperature rating than Permatex Ultra GREY. Extra nozzle included to avoid nozzle clogs and deliver maximum use. OPTIMUM GREY Gasket Maker is sensor safe, low odor, and non-corrosive. Offering maximum vibration resistance, OPTIMUM GREY is the most advanced, high temp, maximum torque RTV silicone gasket maker available.
Dispenser Container IncludedTube
Case Color12
Size3.35 oz
Part Number27036
Line CodePER
TerminologyGasket Making Material
Dimensions3.35 oz
Size3.35 oz
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